Sunday, April 13, 2008

"The Shiner"....Part II

An update to the shiner...

It certainly got worse before it got better. He wanted to know how purple it was....being a big football fan I knew he would relate to this so I told him it was Minnesota Viking purple. Being a big Eagles fan I knew he would relate to this even more....I told him that soon it would be Philadelphia Eagle green.

Anyway, the little guy toughed it out and played in his ball game today. Got right back on the horse and rode like a champion today. He made a couple of good plays in the outfield and stroked a triple past the right fielder!

The black/purple/green eye is all but forgotten.


Don't they say that in this life a little rain must fall? Well, a little variation in this case because on this day there wasn't a cloud in the sky. There was, however, one baseball!
Five minutes into practice, one miss with the glove, one connect with the eye and we have our first shiner.
The kid is tough though. A couple hours later after a session with an ice pack he was out shootin' hoops and talkin' about playing in his next ballgame.
Ah, yes, a right of passage! Welcome to shinerville.