Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's been weeks since my last post.

Since then we've zipped past the holidays, which are now in the rear view mirror, we've started a new year, inaugurated a new President of the United States and I've started my training for the 2009 season.

Speaking of the 2009 season, I'm planning a big one. It's still a little up in the air but I've signed up and paid for two races so far. I'd like to do 4 total but I'm a little undecided on the other two.

Let's start with the two I'm signed up for: Memphis in May on May 17th and Ironman Florida on November 7th. The other two I'm thinking about are the Ozark Valley tri in NW Arkansas towards the end of June and I need to get in a half before Florida. My most likely options are the Redman half in Oklahoma City or the Prairieman half in the Dallas area. Both races are in early September which is perfect timing.

IM Florida is obviously my "A" race. But I'm not selling MiM short because I'd like to do well there....say a sub-2:20 with a stretch goal of sub-2:15 (it's Olympic distance). So my plan right now is to peak twice, MiM & IM Florida.

My training plan has begun for Memphis. It started this past week. I really should be starting this week but I'll be in Orlando on business which makes it difficult to swim and bike. So I started a week early and plan to run each morning in the land of Disney.

Training totals for the first week of my 16-week Olympic distance training plan: 5,000 yards of swimming, 3 hrs 25 minutes of bike time and 2:05 of running. My peak training week for IM Florida is 11,175 yards of swimming, 10 hours on the bike and 4:05 of running.

I can't wait.