Monday, July 02, 2007

Tri, Marriage & Jamaica

This entry is a potpourri of topics...TRIs, Marriage and Jamaica to be exact. You probably guessed that the above photo isn't dealing with marriage or Jamaica so by process of most recent triathlon. It was the Route 66 in El Reno, Oklahoma. This particular picture is me scrambling out of the water with wetsuit in hand transitioning to the bike. I felt terrible coming off the swim. O.K., not terrible physically, I felt fine there, but my time was about 4 minutes slower than my swim at the MiM tri. I felt like I never got into a rhythm and I know I didn't swim in a straight line. The lesson there is I need to sight more often and therefore swim a shorter distance which in turn will cut down on my time. The bike was not quite as fast as MiM either but this course was much different. There were more hills to deal with in El Reno. I felt good on the bike and passed many folks along the way. My run was better in El Reno than in Memphis. All-in-all my time as about 5 minutes slower than Memphis in May.

A big part of the fun was hookin' up with Luke and Abby. They live in Norman and came up for the race and we went out to eat lunch afterwards. It's always good to have friends cheering you on!

Now to the marriage portion of the post. My brother, Blair, got married in Oklahoma City the 24th of June. His bride, Cindy, is fantastic. The wedding was a big affair and it was nice being there. We played a round of golf at Oak Tree the morning of the wedding and had a great time. Alex started the round like a scratch golfer. He started out with a birdie on the first, then went bogey, par, birdie and was 1-under through 4. That was great fun to watch. It put a smile across his face and his cousin Bennett was amazed. Bennett played good as well.

Pretty sweet view, huh? That's looking out from the balcony at the Ritz-Carlton resort in Jamaica. No, it wasn't a vacation but a national sales meeting. Truth be told, you're looking at probably one of the nicest views on the entire island. Outside the gate there's ample evidence that it is indeed a third world country. We had a great time though. We went snorkeling out in those blue waters and had plenty of time after the meetings to lounge on the beach.

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