Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm not sure what's more taxing, the actual Ironman race or making sure you have all the gear you need, and gathering it up. There are 34 different items on the table that I'll use at some point during the race Sunday! The shoes count as one item as do all the packets of "GU" in the box by the same name (FYI - there are 20 GU packets in the box). GU, AKA, life-support. All the stuff actually looks a little more overwhelming than it is. All this stuff, with the exception of the bike, will fit in the nice transition bag standing up at the top of the picture. Now, I will say, it's one stuffed bag!

A word about the crew in the above photo. This Ironman journey of mine is so much more involved than just me. It's an incredible sacrifice by everyone involved in my life. None so more than my wife, Ashley, who has been incredibly supportive throughout. I appreciate it so much. Alex, Lilly Kate and Will have sacrificed as well. I wouldn't be at this point without the support and encouragement from my brother and parents, my friends, church family and co-workers. I will say this, every single word of encouragement is important no matter how insignificant an encourager might deem it. It means a lot! There's indeed a lesson in that for me and all. No matter what you're doing or going through an encouraging word carries a lot of weight no matter how small or seemingly insignificant!

We're leaving Thursday with wheels rolling at 6am. We're driving straight through and sleeping in Madison Thursday night.

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