Saturday, October 27, 2007


You ever get that...blah...feeling? I've been "off" for nearly 2-months since IMWI. I feel sluggish. I feel...blah. I needed something to get me going.

I signed up for the Little Rock marathon and created an 18-week training plan. Well, when I say "created" I mean I got a lot of help from Hal Hidgon's 18-week marathon training plan. I changed, or added, some cross-training work so I could get some work in in the pool and on my trainer as well as some weight work. The race is March 2. My 18-week program starts MONDAY!

I also plunked my money down for the Buffalo Springs half IM in Lubbock for late June. The main reason I signed up so early was to give me a goal, a carrot out there, if you will. Something to light a fire to get me back in the groove. The other reason is you save 30-bucks if you sign up before the year's end....

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