Tuesday, June 22, 2010


June is coming to a close.  By all accounts that means July is looming.  

That can mean one thing.  Le Tour de France!  Love me some TdF.  Also, love me some Versus because they show it all day long.  Over and Over so you can catch it at one time or another.

I'll have my eye of several teams and riders.  For sure RadioShack will be front and center as well as Astana.  Astana is not the same team it was a year ago.  Of course they still have Alberto Contador, a.k.a. the defending champ!  But gone is Lance.  Gone is Levi.  Gone also are a few other riders that helped support that team.  Will they be as strong?  Did they accumulate enough talented riders to help Contador repeat. 

Is Lance strong enough to compete?  Is he too old?  Will Levi be satisfied with a support role or will he want his day in the sun?  He was strong last year until a bike wreck broke a bone in his wrist forcing him out.

Will one of the Schleck brothers stand atop the podium this year.  Will a dark horse steal the show?

The sprinters will sprint and the climbers will climb but who will stand alone in the general classification when it's all said and done.  Twenty one racing days covering 2,236 miles.  

The biggest bike race in the world is about to commence.  Let'em roll!

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