Monday, May 14, 2007


MiM is this Sunday. Birdman, Trey and myself are making the journey to Memphis Saturday night for our first tri of the season. It's an olympic distance event (my first tri of that distance) and it's a good first test. I'm looking forward to it, I'm excited and not as anxious as I was for the first tri of my life last June. I still have a few butterflys which I'm sure will mulitply as the week goes by....which is O.K. because a few butterflys are good and they help jump start the adrenaline.

No predictions but ideally I'd like to complete the swim in sub-25m, the bike in 1:15, and the run in sub-55m. Add in 3m or so for each transition and there you have it. My true goal is to be relaxed, stay focused, hydrate well and finish strong. Of course, updates to follow.

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Pete said...

Great play-by-play, my friend. Congrats!