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I'm Age Grouper of the Week!
bryancdMemberPosts: 454Location: Fountain Hills, ArizonaJoined: 29.06.06
Posted on 04-30-2007 18:38!Thanks to James, jdub. He nominated me and Bevin and John at Ironman Talk picked me! Their podcast, Ironman Talk, was one of the very first triathlon podcasts I started listening to back last year and I have taken away more useable information from thier show on Ironman racing than any other triathlon news source. For those who have never heard it, here's a link:
Bryan-Be the person your dog thinks you are!

The above excerpt was taken from a triathlete website I

Now for the reason for the post. As you can tell from the huge gaps in time between posts I'm not the most diligent blogger. And it's taken me a while to figure out why. I can be oppinionated and I do have things to say occasionally. But the reason for my infrequent entries has to do with the basic premise of a blog.....which is the reason I included the above example. A blog is really a bunch of entries about me, myself and I. Come on, sing a few bars..."It's all about me". For the most part I try to divert attention away from me. It's uncomfortable to me for all eyes to be on me. I just realized I need to clarify something....the above excerpt is not about me....but while I'm on the above excerpt I'll go into detail about it. This dude Bryancd, "loves me some me". He's forever on this website talking about him. Now, from what he says and writes, he's a pretty solid triathlete. He's had good results in a very short period of time. He qualified for Kona this year as an age-grouper as a result of his finish at Ironman Arizona. But, really, let others talk about you rather you talkin' about yourself. That's when you know you've really arrived. But, to each his own, I guess.

I'm still going to jot down entries on this blog. I like the outlet it provides. And sometimes they're going to be about me and what's going on in my life. For example, right now, I'm trainin' my brains out for Ironman Wisconsin (please don't peak too soon!). But for the most part they're going to be observations, what's going on in the lives of the people in my life (which in a way is about me) and a few rants and raves.

Now for something random...I still can't believe the Minnesota Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson! I've grown accustomed to things like that not happening to a Viking fan. I'm a lifelong Sooner fan and a lifelong Viking fan. For my favorite player on the Sooners to be drafted by my favorite team in the NFL....well now, that's just like rollin' a yahtzee on the first roll. What? Now the Celtics are going to get the first pick in the NBA draft?


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