Wednesday, September 24, 2008

US Open Triathlon

It's less than two weeks until my last race of the season, the US Open Triathlon in Dallas. What a great name for a triathlon. In times past I've been an avid golfer and so now I can truly say that I've participated in a US Open.

This race is the culmination of the LifeTime Fitness triathlon series. There are 5 races in the series and the race in Dallas is the 5th and final for the season. Should be some good pros at the race. Last year Greg Bennett won all 5 races and got this huge bonus, $500,000.00 I think, for doing so.

I'm really looking forward to this event. I've been training hard and I'm going for a personal best at the olympic distance. Well, actually, I'm going for more than a personal best...I'm shooting for a sub-2:20. My best time to date was at Memphis in May in 2007 where I did 2:31.

Race day is October 5th.

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