Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been a little while since I've laid down some thoughts in the blog.  There's certainly a lot going on.  Work, training, church, baseball, tennis & flag football are just a few of the things demanding some of my time.  By the way the 9 & 10 year old Titans chalked one up in the win column today.  Big win against the Bucs...34 - 14.  Will the Thrill with a couple of big catches including a huge grab on 4th down giving us a first and a catch on the point-after.  Nice!

-It's definitely getting down to it as far as Ironman Florida is concerned.  November 7th is right around the corner.  I'm trying to slow down so the corner doesn't get here too fast!  Just a couple more weeks of hard training and 2 weeks of taper.  Did a self supported half Saturday and felt really good.  Well, I felt really good on the run.  Ran at a 9:15 pace which is stellar for me.  Swam the 1.2 miles in 37 minutes and I was pleased about that.  Bike was a little slow at 3:07 but we were riding in a group.  I'm going to hit it really hard the next 2 weeks and peak with momentum!

    - Now for a few words about the Vikings.  Got in the win column again today against the league's worst team...the Rams.  The victory puts them at 5 - 0 on the season.  The last time this team went to 5 - 0 they went on to go 6 - 0 and still failed to make the playoffs!  They lost on a last second touchdown pass by the then hapless Arizona Cardinals.  The year was 2003.  So, 5 - 0 is good, but it's way to early for the undefeated Dolphins team of the '70s to start getting nervous.  

-Chrissie Wellington is simply amazing.  She broke a women's record and won her third consecutive Ironman World Championship Saturday in a time of 8:54:and change.  She finished 23rd overall.  INCREDIBLE!

-Craig Alexander won on the men's side for the second year in a row.  Once again he was stellar on the run at 2:48:and change.

-The Major League Baseball playoffs are upon us and once again the Reds are NOT part of the festivities.  I guess after 9 consecutive losing season I should really expect them to get on the right side of .500 before anticipating the playoffs!

-OK, it's 10:20 pm on a Sunday night and it's WAY past my bedtime!  What am I still doing up?

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