Monday, November 02, 2009


It's Monday of race week and I'm in full taper mode. We rode 3 hours Saturday and it was about 45-degrees at the start. Well, I say we rode three hours but it was actually 2:51:and change. After riding out 1:30 we did a negative split on the way back. The ride felt good. And I felt good after it was over. We stretched the legs out with a 20-minute run. I won't say it was easy, however, because we did an 8-minute pace. That's fast for me.

Again, it's Monday of race week and there's so much to do before we leave on Wednesday. The list is extensive:

-get oil changed in car
-clean office
-buy new bike tire
-put said tires on bike
-clean bike
-get tri gear together (that could be broken down even further)
-tie up some loose ends for work
-tidy up the yard (and have strapping young sons do the same!)
-continue to train (taper) - oh, by the way, love the taper!!!

Having all that stuff to do is not necessarily a bad thing. It certainly keeps the mind occupied with things other than Saturday's 140.3.

I feel good. I feel ready. I'm not even as anxious as I was last week. Saturday's long ride had something to do with that because I felt good off the bike. Oh, and not to mention all the other endless hours on the bike, in the water and afoot on the road! today gives Saturday's forecast in Panama City Beach a '10'. It's supposed to be mostly sunny with a high of 75! Sweet!

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