Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Travel day.
We are hitting the road today. Destination, Panama City Beach, Florida. I'm a little surprised because the car's not as stuffed as I thought it was going to be. I even anticipated we were going to need the car-top carrier. I'm so glad we didn't have to though because it makes such an awful noise while driving....kinda of annoying.
I ran a nice 7 miles yesterday and felt good the entire route. I ran relaxed and at a good pace for me...8:25/mile.
I also got a sports massage. Wonderful. Kinda hurt too which, I guess, means it wonderful. He said my upper body was a little out of balance and told me some stretches to do to help correct it.
I shot a similar picture to the one above two years ago before Wisconsin. I'm always afraid something I desperately need will get left behind so I lay everything that I'm going to need on race day out on the table and check each item off my list to assure myself that it's packed. Everything is packed! After I go through this exercise I'm always amazed at how much stuff I actually use to swim, bike and run. I'm also reminded by this of how expensive this sport can get. You NEED so much stuff!
Gotta go. Wheels rolling in about an hour and I've got a few things to finish up.

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