Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hopped aboard the magic bus for the first time since IMFL '09 and rode the trainer for an hour.  That's a period of 6-weeks and 5 days!  That's a long time.  The longest I've gone in...I don't know when.  Why did I pick today?  Not sure.  Maybe it was because I was drinking coffee, browsed the movies on hulu and found PrefontaineI got inspired.  I also realized I needed to start building back my base.

I rode for an hour and my HR didn't get above 130.  I watched the last hour of the movie on my trainer....I know.  I eventually looked down at my HR monitor and I was at 106 so I stepped it up a little.  Definitely wanted to stay aerobic but that was a little too aerobic.  It felt good to go for my stationary ride.

I also signed up for Memphis in May Olympic tri.  It's in May.  I know.  This year's MiM is a qualifier for the USAT Age Group Nationals held at the end of September in Tuscaloosa.  My goal is to qualify for that. 

I love a goal!

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Kirsten said...

Good for you! Obviously I'm just now finding your blog and I don't know what took me so long. Sorry. I haven't been on my bike since 11-7-09 and it's Feb. I'm waiting till the snow melts.