Friday, December 11, 2009


Spent a little time in NYC this week....pretty fun.

As meetings go it wasn't typical.  Usually at these types of things it wouldn't matter if it was in Paris, New York, San Franciso or Bald Knob, conference room looks like another which looks like another.

This one was a bit different.  Only because I made it different.  I came in early and stayed late.  I wanted to see the city, at least a little.

It didn't start out great though.  I was scammed by the cabbie to the tune of $$$.  I learned post-scam to never accept a ride from someone who asks...they're not liscensed.

This guy wasn't liscensed...he was nice...just not liscensed.  I took his picture and sent it via text to my wife in case I was abducted.  I wasn't abducted.  He actually took the most direct route to my destination (I know because I google mapped it).  The only thing missing from me was the word "tourist" monogrammed on my back!

I got in around 2pm and the official order of business was a group dinner at 7pm.  So I hit the streets.  I had no idea where I was going, but I hit the streets.

Who passes up 'Five Guys' burgers and fries?  I didn't. 

I did pass up most of the stores...including D&G, Dolce and...something, I forget.   I did take a picture and sent it to my wife.  She was jealous.

I ventured north towards Times Square and Central Park via the subway.  It's a pretty awesome sight when you first see the city at night after walking up to the street from the train...

...even the McDonald's sign has some brilliance to it!

I learned this in short better be ready.  If you're not you'll either get trampled, run over, honked at or verbally scolded in one way or another.  I was definitely a rookie in the subway.  I stood back and watched people buy their tickets from the machine for a few minutes so I knew what to do.  The probably thought I was stalking or something.

I observed this as well....there's a lot of thin people in NYC because they walk everywhere...or take a cab...but they walk a lot.  Notice I said thin, not necessarily healthy because while they're thin, they're all going to die of lung cancer.  I couldn't believe the number of smokers.  Tobacco Road would be proud. 

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Kirsten said...

Great pics, great post. We still have to go to NYC, I've been a few times but Colin hasn't and we want to go together. Looks like it was a good trip. :)