Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Weekend

Just got back from a really fun weekend of hunting and fellowship with my long-time friend Jeff.  I've known the guy since 9th grade and roomed with him in college.  We've been friends every since.  Were in each others weddings.  My oldest, Alex, went with me and he ended up getting a real treat.  More in a smidge.

Jeff lives in the SW corner of Oklahoma, Altus.  It's were I graduated from high school.  Home of the bulldogs!  I digress.

Jeff is a great lover of hunting...he's also very good at it.  The picture below is just a few of the monsters he's taken.

The mounts hang in a cabin Jeff shares with one of his friends.  The two built it together on his friends land.....and it's a lot of land, with a lot of deer roaming.  And other forms of wildlife.  It's beautiful country and excellent for hunting.

The cabin's about 1300 sq. ft. with one large living area, two bedrooms and two baths.  Perfect.  That's Jeff on the right and Alex next to him.

We got in Saturday afternoon, hunted that evening and all day Sunday before driving back Monday morning.  It was three hunts total, a lot of good conversations and plenty of food.  Too much, actually.

Anyway, the Sunday evening hunt was adventurous for Alex.  Plenty of deer were in sight but ended up being a little too far to try and take.  But lo and behold another predator came on the scene.  It ended up about 100 yards away and will soon be on the wall.

A beautiful bobcat weighing about 25 pounds with a gorgeous coat.  Alex was thrilled.

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